What can I expect from Bliss Coaching?

By partnering with Bliss we can ensure you have access to a top rated certified Bliss coach. Bookings can been confirmed in as little as an hour. After your appointment time is selected and booking is confirmed, you along with your Bliss coach will obtain session login information and you will be provided with a link to a private Zoom video conference. 

*Please note: A device with audio and visual capability is required for all Bliss coaching sessions. 

Because Bliss Coaching uses the Zoom video conference application. Zoom should be downloaded to your electronic device prior to your appointment time.  To guarantee you’re maximizing your Bliss it is recommended that you find a relaxing environment where you will be uninterrupted during your session. The device you use should be stabilized for a hands free session.

What are the services offered by Bliss Coaching?

Bliss Coaching allows you access to a wide range of coaches who specialize in sexuality and intimacy. The Bliss platform connects you with a pleasure coach that will verbally support and guide you through each session.  Our coaching can be a solo pleasure experience or a mutual shared pleasure experience with your coach. For those that book couple coaching sessions you have the unique opportunity to pleasure each other while your coach curates your Bliss experience. 

How do I select my coach?

Located on the homepage there is a tab labeled coaches. Click on the drop-down link and there, you will find pictures and biographies of all of our vetted coaches. During the booking process you have the opportunity to select your desired coach. All coach selections are double verified prior to that finalization of your appointment. 

How are Bliss Coaches vetted? 

Through our many years of sensual and holistic practice here at Bliss we have the unique opportunity to select our Bliss coaches from a  network of high-quality certified coaches. Our coaches are experienced, trained, and certified in a vast array of studies. Specifically but not limited to Sexology, Sensual Bodywork and Tantra. You will see some of our coaches hold degrees in psychology, communications, and intimacy therapy. Because of our vast network we have the privilege to select from the best in our field. 

Bliss Coaching as an institution and each one of our coaches holds themselves with the highest integrity and professionalism. It is our request each client hold themselves in that  same high regard. 

How much clothing should I and my coach remove?

Each session should begin with transparency and trust. It is our recommendation that you undress to the level of your comfort. For some that may be nude and for others undergarments. The work done in each session will tackle ideals and norms of body and mind. For optimal growth it is recommended you come to each session ready to push outside your comfort zone. Our work is done through tapping into the senses we are aware that visual stimulation is important for some. All of our coaches begin each sessions dressed to please  the eyes. 


Although our coaches are not required to be fully nude many of our coaches are comfortable with nudity. 

MUTUAL and THREESOMES for these sessions your coach will be disrobed from the waist down but many of our coaches are comfortable with full nudity. 

All Bliss coaches are trained to review any questions regarding boundaries at the beginning of each session. 

Am I able to rebook with the same coach?

Yes, directly following your session you will have the opportunity to rebook with the same coach through our booking specialist. You are also allowed to rotate through our coaches at your leisure.

Can I book a session directly with a coach instead of the Bliss platform?

Bliss Coaching was designed to make booking easy and accessible for all parties involved. We are able to provide the best in Bliss Coaching because our coaches work in integrity. That is why it is our request that our guest use our platform exclusively for all coaching, sexual healing, and educational needs. 

What is needed for my coaching session?

Our desire is for you to be prepared for Bliss. It is recommend that you are in a relaxed and quiet space for your session. A place where you will not be distracted or pulls away by interruptions. It is very common for individuals to choose a familiar space like the bedroom.

Please make sure you have the following to optimize your session. 

  1. A stabilized device so that both of your hands are continuously free 

  2. Lubrication accessible to you 

  3. A notepad or journal in the chance you have  homework or need to take notes

  4. A handkerchief or tissue close by in case a climax is what you desire during your session

Is an orgasm the objective of my session?

Climax can be achieved in many ways. If you believe that an orgasm is what you need out of your session, you are encouraged to do so. Bliss coaches are aware that every client has different needs and may come to a session with different blocks or challenges. This is what our Bliss coaches are here for. Our coaches will teach you different techniques of pleasure. Whether it be maximizing libido, learning how to prolong gratification, exploration of the body in a new light, or through the demonstration and instruction of new techniques to sexually please your partner and yourself. 

Are my sessions recorded? 

No, the privacy  of you and our coaches is of the biggest concern and importance. 


Bliss Coaching

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