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I am a lover of sensual bliss, experienced in the holistic arts of Tantra, Lomi-Lomi, and Thai massage, which provide amazing somatic experience through my virtual sessions. I love to offer explorations with my own  partner - with you alone or with your beloved to create multi-orgasmic experiences.


I am interested in all things sensual. I adore indulging in scenes of fetishistic exploration and mutual pleasure sessions. In my downtime I like to create with my hands and make music.


I've been a tantric facilitator for 4 years and my passion for playfulness and sensuality has given me vast knowledge of the best techniques for partnered or solo adventures. Let me help you create the bliss you deserve. 


Nothing is more powerful than sexual energy. No book, course, or lover can reveal to you the magic that is already within you, that his your birthright. Allow me to help you unleash a level of pleasure you never imagined.


I draw immense pleasure from interacting with those who seek sensual  empowerment. Utilizing my B.A. in Communications Theory I will help you identify your desires and effectively communicate them to maximize pleasure. Living your best life starts with an awakening from within.


I’m a kinky art model, musician, and psychotherapist specializing in bdsm, healing and spirituality. Let's explore our pleasures and our curiosities. If you are looking for a sexy open-minded person, I’m the perfect coach for you!


I love the excavation of desire, digging into your wanting. Then playing in the wanting. Let’s roll around in it, let’s befriend your fantasy and run wild with it. Let me take you there, and come out feeling new. My compassion and mymy presence are unshakable.

Look into my eyes.


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